Flag Football: All Geared Up


Lady Titans better get their laces tied and gear ready because the Flag Football team has recently been brought to life for the first time in Blessed Trinity history. The sport has captured many girls’ interest across all grades; so much so that over one hundred people have signed up to potentially be a part of the team! A roster of twenty athletes will be put together the week of September 20, with tryouts running all week and no cuts being made until that Friday. 

The sport consists of playing seven on seven style games with the same rules as beloved Friday night football. However, flag football does not consist of tackling or field goals. Pulling a tag from the belt of the opponent is the equivalent to a tackle and the team has an option to run the ball for an extra two points after a touchdown. 

The forty minute games are open to students, so make sure to come support your BT flag football team! The first scrimmage will be on October 2nd, and the first opening game of the season will be on October 13th against West Forsyth at Sequoyah. The season ends during the flag football tournament on November 16th, so it is a relatively short season.

Mr. Brandon Harwell and Mrs. Elizabeth Schmidt have graciously taken on the role of leading this team. When asked about Harwell’s interest in the sport he says, “One of my daughters is really interested in the sport [so] it was a natural progression when I found out we had a team”. 

Hopefully the team grows to be an outstanding achievement so that Harwell and his child can go from a father-daughter duo, to coach and player. With Harwell’s previous experience in football and baseball, there are high hopes that the team will be a success. 

Practice for the flag football team will be held 5 days a week  (Monday through Friday; off days periodically for recovery) on the lacrosse field. Not only will you have the opportunity to play flag football, but there will be a state championship for flag football. The girls flag football state championship mirrors the football season and is at the same venue of the boys football state championship. Although a state championship is involved, Harwell stated that, “Our goal is to have a great tryout and get into these games”.

As previously mentioned, an abundance of athletes have shown their interest in flag football. Two of these girls are Maura Ryan, a senior, and Erica Voisey, a sophomore. 

Ryan has previously played basketball and lacrosse, giving her the athletic skills she needs to be a great flag football player. “I am so excited about having the opportunity to play football with my friends,” reports Ryan. “[I] decided to try out because I loved playing in Powderpuff freshman and sophomore years”. 

Ryan is the daughter of a football coach, and the sister of a previous football player, Johnny Ryan, and is now able to get a turn on the field. Ryan stated, “I’ve watched my dad coach and brother play for my whole life and now I finally get the chance to play”.

Voisey is a competitive cheerleader who affirmed that if she had the time to do flag football, she would have loved to. Voisey also commented that she plans on attending some of the flag football games to support her fellow Titans. Voisey’s only experience with flag football was in sixth grade when she played in gym class. Luckily, one of the great things about the upcoming tryouts is that you do not need any previous flag football experience! The goal of tryouts is to get a foundation of a team that could possibly be built into a JV and Varsity program later on. Voisey has faith in the flag football team and stated, “I think that with our amazing coaches and players, the flag football team will do amazing”. 

Nothing is as thrilling as building a new sport from the ground up. “It’s new…everything is exciting [and] it is an opportunity to build a tradition”, declares Harwell. All in all, no matter who you are, flag football could have a spot for you. Go Titans!