A Day in the Life of a Varsity Cheerleader


The Blessed Trinity Varsity Cheer Team, a team dedicated to bringing enthusiasm and spirit to the Blessed Trinity student body, never fails to make the student section roar every fall Friday night. They work tirelessly every game day to please the students and parents. With 35 varsity cheerleaders, each one bringing her own unique talents to the team, game day is filled with pep and excitement. 

Adriana Facchini, one of Blessed Trinity’s senior cheerleaders, talked about her love of the Blessed Trinity Cheer Program. With 12 years of all-star cheerleading experience, Facchini is an expert in all things cheer. She commented on the cheerleaders’ after-school preparation by saying, “After school, we go to Mass with the football team and then have dinner as a team. At dinner, we get to relax and catch up with each other before we have time to get ready, which takes about 2 hours. While we get ready we listen to music, help each other get ready and get excited for the night’s game. We then head to the field to set up our lines, warm up our stunts and tumbling and take pictures.” Getting home as late as 12:30 some nights after games, Facchini has a long, but exciting day most game days. While cheer is time-consuming, Facchini says her favorite part of game day is “interacting with the student section and getting ready with the team.” 

When asked what her favorite part of cheerleading is, Casey Cregan, a senior cheer captain, replied, “There’s nothing like cheering on the sidelines at a varsity game. I get to do what I love all while being with my best friends, which makes it even better!” Every October the Blessed Trinity cheerleaders use pink poms and pink bows to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cregan mentioned this by saying, “My favorite theme we have had this year was pink out because we had pink poms and bows, which we didn’t get to use last year and we did fun pink makeup. I love getting to do our hair or face paint to match the game themes.” Similar to Facchini, Cregan commented on the fun but time-consuming process of preparing for game days by saying, “The night before game day I pack my cheer bag with everything I need for the game: uniform pieces, poms, megaphone, makeup, ribbon, face paint, etc. I like to get everything packed the night before so I feel prepared for game day. Every Friday after school, my teammates and I normally get ready together for a couple of hours. We listen to music and get hyped up for the game. Then we have team dinner where we get to sit with each other and have some time to chill. Then we all walk to the field to set up our places for the game. We pray as a team and then go to the breakaway banner for the game to start.” The BT cheerleaders add in an aspect of religion to everything they do, whether that is the Thursday habitudes meetings, or the before game prayer to focus their hearts. 

Dr. Black, a Blessed Trinity science teacher and head cheer coach, is the foundation for the cheer team and the reason the team functions so well. When asked what Black’s favorite part of game day was, she mentioned, “I love getting to chat with the cheerleaders on the sideline and watch them cheer, dance, and stunt. The energy on game day is always high, and I enjoy watching them perform whatever things we have been practicing during the week.  It is so fun getting to watch the girls have fun and be silly and enjoy each other as they cheer.” Black compared the girls’ energy to a light switch by saying, “They ‘turn it on’ for game day!” She commented on her love for the girls by saying, “The cheerleaders are both what I enjoy most and the most rewarding part of being a cheer coach. I have coached some of these girls since their freshman year, and I love seeing the girls mature into beautiful young women and daughters of God. I see growth in the girls even across a single season. Getting to know and spend time with these girls makes the headaches that come along with being a head coach worth it.” 

The Blessed Trinity varsity cheerleaders never fail to bring bright smiles to gamedays. With their enthusiastic cheers and their well-executed dances, the girls light up the sidelines. Go, Titans!