BT Besties: Lauren Foss and Madelyn Cowan


Foss and Cowan are all smiles as they take a quick break between cheers.

Everybody loves Friday night lights. From watching the game to cheering as loud as possible along with the cheerleaders, there is something for anyone. If one were to pay extra close attention to the cheerleaders, they would find Lauren Foss and Madelyn Cowan standing side by side, cheering their hearts out. The two are best friends who are “always giggling about something,” and their excitement is contagious from the sideline. The friendship started to blossom after Foss moved to Atlanta from North Carolina in 8th grade, and Cowan “was one of the first people that reached out to welcome [her].” Freshman year of high school was when the two became the best of friends. 

In the beginning, Cowan was drawn to how outgoing Foss is. “Lauren is always so compassionate and genuine to everyone around her. She’s so funny, and we constantly keep each other laughing.” Foss says that “Madelyn has always been one of those friends that you can trust…[and] joke around with.” This shows how important it is to have a balance between being serious and fun. Friendships are about finding someone to be vulnerable and silly with. 

Along with cheerleading, the two seniors do almost everything together. From being ambassadors to co-presidents of the Peregrine Club to Kairos retreat leaders, Foss and Cowan are attached at the hip. However, these activities are not the only things they do together. It does not get any better than the fact that their birthdays are only one day apart! “Every summer we go to the beach together with our families during our birthday week,” says Cowan. 

Foss and Cowan are perfect examples of how friendship starts because they have a ton of common interests that have drawn them together. The two friends are also exceptional at showing what it takes to keep the friendship going. Coach DeCamp, the Blessed Trinity cheerleading coach, shares her observations of Foss and Cowan, commenting that “they are so kind and lift each other up. They are always there to support each other.” 

When asked what the best friends have done to make such a lasting relationship, Cowan says that “the key to our friendship is communication. We tell each other everything and that is super important. We are always open and honest with each other. We are always there for one another no matter what.” Foss says that their sense of loyalty has played a part in keeping the friendship alive. Friendship is all about creating a safe environment for one another. Foss and Cowan’s friendship shows that the more you trust each other, the closer you will get. “It’s gotten to the point where Madelyn is family to me now,” says Foss.

It is amazing to see such great people find each other and become strong companions for one another. To think it started with a simple “hello” is astonishing. It will be exciting to see where life takes both Foss and Cowan, but they definitely will be there for each other along the way. The next time you’re at a football game, take a look at the sidelines and watch as Foss and Cowan’s friendship and love for each other shine through. It is truly something special to see.