Four State Titles in Three Days


May 13 through 15, a weekend that goes down in BT history for incredible athletic performance. Over this three-day span, Blessed Trinity gained four state championship titles. The girls’ soccer team conquered the Pius Lions in a nerve-wracking 2 – 1 win. The boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams both put another state title under their belts, and the track team wrapped up the unbelievable weekend with 52 points, edging out Starr’s Mill by 5 points. 

This exciting series of victories was kicked off on Thursday, May 13, 2021, by the girls’ soccer team. Coach Jackson, the program’s head coach, shares that “it was most important to go in with confidence, since [the team] already had the ability and the tactics to win. It was really going to come down to [the] mindset.” Such a big game naturally creates nerves for the players, but the team was able to focus and keep their eyes on the prize. Jackson recalls his favorite play of the game as the game-winning goal that was scored off a set corner kick play. This play had evidently only been practiced but never executed successfully in a game, but at the moment where it really counted, the girls brought the play to life. Jackson celebrated the incredible play by “turning to Coach Sanders, our assistant coach, and giving him a big double high five”. Jackson is certain that the team has the talent to defend the title this year, and it will really come down to “the players [playing] together well, supporting each other, playing for each other”. 

The progression of the state title-filled weekend continued with both lacrosse teams clinching victories. The girl’s team swept Starrs Mill with a 12 to 6 win. The boys not only finished their season by winning state, but they also completed an undefeated season. Under the tag line “all gas no brakes” the boys carried out an incredible season without dropping a single game. Aidan Chambers, a current junior, credits the captains for doing “a great job leading our team in and out of practice and making us work harder”. Coming into the championship game undefeated gave the team a sense of confidence and preparedness. The hard work the players had put in throughout the season would surely pay off. Entering the game, Chambers knew that “no one playing their best game could beat our best game”. The Titans left everything on the field and brought home the second set of state titles for this legendary weekend. 

While lacrosse and soccer were raking in victories, the track team was hard at work competing for the fourth championship. The team competed tirelessly on May 13, 14, and 15. According to senior Ben Rothering, who came out of the weekend with a win in the 3200m and a third-place finish in the 1600m, the team came in Thursday as “heavy underdogs, knowing that [they] essentially needed everything to go right in order to win”. Coming into the 3200m meter race on Friday night, Rothering knew that the team needed to score some big points as they were looking behind in the projections. He recalls entering the final lap of the race knowing that “pain would only last about 60 seconds, but the joy we would experience from securing that title for the seniors would make it well worth it”. With so many seniors on the team, Rothering was overjoyed to be able to see them walk away with something to show for the past four years of commitment and dedication. He uses the word “exhilarating” to explain their stellar weekend. The team overcame a challenging season with sometimes racing four times over a span of only eight days and brought home the final state title for the spring of 2021.

The spring season of 2021 is truly remarkable and the school community as a whole is very proud of all the competing athletes that made the victories possible. Go, Titans!