BT Besties: Charlie Lohman, Wilson Van Buren, and Wyatt Lorenzen


One of the best ways to make friends is through sports because you can find a variety of people with a common interest. There is a sense of belonging when you play on a team, especially if you have created a family while bonding through your sport. The values of support, acceptance, and competition can generate a friendship that can last a lifetime, and Charlie Lohman, Wilson Van Buren, and Wyatt Lorenzen are perfect examples of this. Throughout the years, they have formed a brotherhood during their time on the lacrosse field. 

Van Buren, who typically handles the face-offs, has played lacrosse with Lohman ever since seventh grade. The two then met Lorenzen freshman year of high school, and all of them have been friends ever since. “We started hanging out outside of lacrosse on the weekends. We would have lots of fun together outside of school, and this translated into our lacrosse games,” says Van Buren. “We all grew to love lacrosse and each other more.”

Lohman, a midfielder on the varsity lacrosse team, reminisces on the many experiences that he has shared with Van Buren and Lorenzen. He says his favorite memory was “winning a state championship together. We all came together as a team and finished the season undefeated, but also finished with great memories.” This powerful friendship between the boys is put on display through their teamwork, and clearly, they help each other reach their goals. Lohman mentions that they “all love to workout, play video games, watch movies, and hang out with each other through the camaraderie lacrosse has brought [them].” He says that lacrosse is a huge part of their friendship because it lets them hang out together more often.

The third member of this trio is Lorenzen, a defender on the varsity lacrosse team. He has mentioned that outside of lacrosse, video games seem to be a recurring pastime for the boys. In addition to this, Lorenzen has said that when “[they] go on trips together…[their] friendships were cultivated more.” Not only did they travel for vacation, but they also made many trips to Moe’s. Even though playing lacrosse is how the three of them met, stepping away from the sport proved to be a factor in how they grew closer to each other. 

If there is anyone who can comment on the boys’ friendship, it is the head coach of the boys’ lacrosse team, Coach Parker. Coach Parker says, “I think just knowing you have two guys who have your back no matter what allows you to play looser and have confidence…the team sees the bond they have, and [it] makes the rest of the team closer.” 

Putting yourself through physical challenges like sports can be very daunting; however, if you have someone by your side to cheer you on, it makes the whole experience better. During games and practices, Coach Parker notices that “they are pushing each other to be better and picking each other up when one is down.” Enhancing your expertise surrounded by people trying to achieve the same goals is what sports is all about. Lohman, Van Buren, and Lorenzen are not only teammates but friends for years to come, all thanks to lacrosse.