Varsity Softball Welcomes New Coach


Our Blessed Trinity softball team welcomes new head coach, Scott Harrison, to its staff this season! As the regular season hits its halfway point, Coach Harrison has led the team to an incredible start, with a 5-1 record in region play. He is excited to be a part of our BT community. 

Coach Harrison grew up playing baseball and has been coaching girls softball for over 14 years. After coaching solely baseball for the last couple of years, he returned to coaching softball this year with the BT team. “It’s been great, the players are great. The fans, community, and the school are all great and very supportive. We have won more than we’ve lost, so that’s been a plus. Really just positive all around. We’ve got a really good team. We’ve got people in every spot we need to win, and we’ve got really good people in terms of the coaching staff and everybody that helps out.”

Maddie Turner, catcher, second basemen, and returning varsity player, shares her enthusiasm about the team. “It’s been so fun. The atmosphere and connection all of the girls have with each other and the coaches have made it my best season yet. I love how Coach Harrison forms relationships. He’s a players’ coach. He cares about his players and how we perform both on and off the field. He works very hard at making sure that all of his players are achieving their full potential.” 

Coming into the team, Coach Harrison shared his process in setting goals for the season. Not knowing a lot about the region and the teams they would be facing, his main vision for the team has been getting to the playoffs. With a relatively young team, composed of several starting freshman and sophomore players, Coach Harrison remarked, “We came in with the idea of wanting to get ourselves in the playoffs so we can give ourselves a chance to advance and move and see how our team ages and works up because we were unsure what some of our younger players would bring when we first started playing, which so far has worked out really well. We have put ourselves in a good position to go to the playoffs as long as we continue to play well. That was kind of the big goal – find out who we were, what we could do, get ourselves in the playoffs, and go from there.”

Junior player and second/third basemen, Maddy Fuller, who has helped lead the team in their success this season, shares what she has enjoyed about playing under Coach Harrison, “I like that he really understands the game and takes the time to get to know us individually as players and people. He keeps the environment fun, and this season has been great!” Along with the rest of the team, she is enthusiastic about this year’s playoffs and seeing how far the team can get. 

Blessed Trinity is so grateful to have Coach Harrison this year, and is excited to see what else the softball team can accomplish this season!