BT’s Favorite Classes


Image courtesy of @blessedtrinitycatholic on Instagram.

With the 2022 spring semester already underway, registration for classes next year is approaching. The following is a compiled list of some of the favorite options available and a brief description of them to aid you in your process of selecting courses for next year. 


Whether you have never stepped foot on the dance floor before or consider dance your passion, the Fine Arts department offers different levels of dance class that are enjoyed by many. If taken all four years, dance class offers the hidden benefit of counting for all Fine Arts and P.E credits required for graduation. Each class is dedicated to helping individuals grow their artistry and performance skills as well as their self-confidence. Dancers also have the unique opportunity to perform multiple times throughout the year and even take classes from alumni or guest choreographers that are successful in the dance industry today. Placement auditions for all levels of dance except Dance Technique, which is only a semester-long course, are held sometime in the late spring. The date for the ‘22-’23 auditions is yet to be determined. The following is a list of the courses offered:

  • Dance Technique (only a semester-long course)
  • Intermediate 1 (audition required)
  • Intermediate 2 (audition required)
  • Advanced Dance (audition required)
  • Dance Company (audition required; no freshmen)


Creative Writing

If you are a rising sophomore, junior, or senior and are interested in creative writing and looking to expand your skills, this elective is a great opportunity to do so. Creative writing consists of literature such as poems and metaphorical writing and helps writers develop skills that add complexity to their writing. The class focuses on the writer’s workshop approach, which allows students to explore topics and skills individually, but also offers guidance from teachers. A collective community of authors is created which serves as a way for students to share and discuss their writing with each other. 


AP Psychology

This class is unfortunately only available to seniors, but it is one of the most popular among them. AP Psychology is a college-level course that focuses on the fundamental principles of psychology and how our brain works. The class is perfect for those with great interest in mental processes and how the body processes the world through the brain. The course teaches the history of psychology as well as modern methods used in medicine to help explain how our bodies process phenomena in our world. It is important to remember however that AP Psychology is more challenging and fast-paced than other courses. Because of this, the class does require a contract that must be signed as well as the AP Exam in May that can potentially qualify students to receive college credit for taking the course based on their scores.


Intro to Business

This class is available to anyone but is mostly taken by freshmen and sophomores. The course is perfect for those interested in learning the basic fundamentals of business. Intro to Business goes in-depth in exploring what makes businesses successful and the role various elements of society play in their success. The course also teaches students basic skills that are helpful in job interviews by staging mock interviews and presenting small projects throughout the semester. The basic branches of business such as business environment, business ownership, business finance, human resources, marketing, and management are explored and discussed throughout the course. 


Team Sports

Being one of the all-time favorites electives, Team Sports is a very popular course among seniors. The P.E. The course allows students to compete against each other in a variety of sports, such as volleyball or indoor hockey. The course allows students to interact with each other and teaches them sportsmanship through healthy competition.

Study Hall

This is a great option for students who are looking for some extra study time during the school day. Study Hall is a class monitored by a teacher that gives students the opportunity to catch up on schoolwork or study for a class. The environment of the class allows for students to be very productive and maximize their work ethic. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this elective does not count towards any credits.


Unassigned is available to juniors and seniors who meet the acceptable academic and disciplinary requirements. It is a free class period during the day in which students are allowed to be at several school-approved locations. If you are lucky enough to get 1st or 4th block unassigned, you are not required to be present on the school campus with the given permission.