Blessed Trinity’s Social Justice Club


A month into the new year with school in full swing, extracurricular activities are taking over the afternoons of many BT students. Whether it be a sport or a club, the vast majority of students are involved in an after-school activity. One new club, however, has made its way to the bulletin board and the announcements. The social justice club, or Pax Christi, is a club whose chapter at BT was just founded this year. With a focus on service, the social justice club is an organization that is seeing growth from students who want to be heavily involved in their community, and let their voices be heard. 

When asked what the new club stands for, Mr. Reynoso, the teacher leader of the club replied “We deal with the different diverse cultures that are present here in BT. We really want to stress the importance of the Church’s missions when it comes to social issues.” BT is a place where every student has a story. The halls are full of individuals who possess cultures and backgrounds that make them unique. Reynoso also added that “this month we are kicking the club off with black history month. I think that many people know about the month, but not all of the history behind it.” The new club isn’t just about talking, however, but also about doing work in the community. Reynoso stated that “depending on what we do, there is a possibility of getting service hours. With COVID it can be kind of difficult, but we are trying to get our students involved in the community.” Reynoso is also leaving a lot of the club up to its members, saying that “people can come in with their best ideas, and we will figure out our monthly projects and yearly goals. The club is still new, so input from students will be its foundation.”

The popularity of the new club is being led by students who want to make an impact on our community. One of those students is junior, Kendra Ezeanii. Kendra is a student who is already involved in the BT community through extracurriculars like shotput and FBLA. When asked her motivation for joining the club, Kendra said that “Social justice has always had an impact on my life, and I have always been aware that the world needs change. The social unrest of the past two years has made me more aware of the injustices, and the club is my way of trying to bring about change in the world in my own way.” Kendra’s passion for making an impact on her community shines through the statement she gave to the student body. “We are all leaders of tomorrow, and all leaders need to strive for the equality of all people without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, background, income, and more. The pursuit of a more just society is our generation’s clarion call. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Take part in helping the world become a better place, little by little.” 

Whether it be on the field, in the classroom, or out in our community, BT students are avid about making a difference. Through organizations like the social justice club, our student body is becoming more inclusive and is able to recognize the diverse set of cultures and individuality of the students at BT. Led by students and teachers alike, BT is a community that fosters individual growth and spiritual formation. 

If you would like to join the social justice club or have any questions about what it means to be a member, you can come to the meetings in room 424 every other Tuesday, or join the google classroom with the code 6v4Kseh.