The Top 5 Most Challenging AP’s at BT


Blessed Trinity Catholic High School offers a total of 27 AP courses. AP classes taken in high school are taught at a college level and count towards college credits depending on how well the students score on the end-of-the-year exam. These courses are supposed to be incredibly difficult and test learning abilities and academic skills. The students have to work harder to succeed than in any other class taken, but the reward is well worth the struggle. 

Jordan Tisdale, a senior at Blessed Trinity and a prior AP Music Theory student, stated that the class was one of her hardest APs. AP Music Theory is a difficult course that offers an in-depth understanding of music and the meaning behind it. Tisdale commented that the class is “Harder than AP Physics C hands down, It’s the hardest AP class in the nation.” Similarly, Averie Bielski, a senior at Blessed Trinity, reflected that “AP Music Theory is like taking Spanish 4 without 1, 2, or 3.” Mr. Nelson encourages students to take this class by sharing, “From the Catholic perspective, music is an incredible creation of God and you have no real appreciation for how truly incredible it is until you study the theory behind it.”

Ranked at number 4 is AP Calculus, which is an intense course that requires incredibly skilled mathematical thinkers. Mrs. Muller, who teaches this class, commented on this course. She said, “AP Calculus is one of the hardest courses they will ever take, but in the end, they will love it. I am truly blessed to be able to watch them gain confidence in their abilities and do well on the exam in May.” Muller encourages any student who enjoys math to take this course. She added, “When I first started teaching, I felt some of the pressure that they had in order to do well on the exams. As the years go by, I feel more and more confident in the way I portray the information, and the success that I see from my great students motivates me to keep going.

AP Physics, ranked at number 3, is a difficult class taught by Mr. Chad Johnson. Johnson commented on why he loved teaching AP Physics so much by saying, “I like that physics is real life; it’s happening right now. If you come over and push something, you’re experiencing what’s actually happening in real life physics.” When asked what the hardest part of his class was, he said, “Taking our rules and applying them to any scenario is by far the hardest part of my class. You have to actually think about every scenario that you’re given and specific things, but people [tend to be too general with their] ideas.” He elaborated by saying, “You have to do the practice questions to get used to the wording because sometimes the weird wording is used; speed and velocity sound incredibly similar, but in physics, they couldn’t be more different.”Johnson gave his encouragement to people who are taking his class now or are thinking about taking his class. He added, “You can do it. Even though physics has a bad representation, you can do it because physics is fun with a Ph!”

AP Biology is voted the second hardest AP class. Taught by Dr. Piper, AP Bio challenges all parts of the brain. Junior Maria Hernandez, a current student in the class, commented on her thoughts about the course. Hernandez stated, “On an average week, I spend about 15 hours working on assignments for this class, but I love it. Everything is so much faster-paced, and the lab reports and criteria for projects are incredibly hard.” She followed up by saying, “Although a bit of stress comes from the class, it is incredibly rewarding. I highly recommend this course for anyone who loves science.” 

 AP Chemistry is voted the number 1 hardest class at BT. Meghan Hamrick, a Blessed Trinity junior, stated that AP Chem is an “incredibly difficult course and very time consuming, but Ms. Ward genuinely makes it fun and interesting.” Hamrick followed up by saying “AP Chem is the hardest class I’ve taken so far throughout high school.” Another Junior, Rachel Miller, added her comments, “Mrs. Ward makes the class fun and enjoyable while also pushing us to learn more and challenge ourselves.”

Blessed Trinity, a school of academic excellence, offers a variety of AP classes. These classes cater to many different topics and skills and exist to give advanced students the opportunity to take college-level classes. Although these courses require much effort and high demands, they are worthwhile and help students pursue a deeper level of understanding.