What Ties Us Together


The debate over the use of a bowtie or a tie is an age-old question that has snuck its way into our Blessed Trinity community.  Making the choice between a bow tie and a traditional tie is a no-brainer for most, but for the growing minority of students who have been wearing bow ties, it is a passionate clothing statement that brings important discussions about individuality and expression to the forefront of our Blessed Trinity community. As more students begin to make a statement and wear this previously uncommon clothing item, it begs the question: which one is better?

One of the most outspoken and humbly opinionated bow tie wearers, Javier Mina, offered some insight into his reasoning for the fashion statement. When asked his reasoning for wearing the bow tie, Mina stated, “I wear a bowtie because I feel it is one of the ways that I am able to express my individuality and make the uniform my own. Especially since the bowties are not used nearly as much as the traditional neckties.” Knowing that the bow ties are an expression of personal individualism, it raises the question of whether or not there are other reasons for wearing them. Comfort is something that many students strive for when choosing their uniform items. When asked if he finds the bow tie more comfortable than the traditional tie, Mina stated, “Absolutely not, bow ties have to be tied much tighter around the neck to hold their shape and look sharp, and it’s definitely not the most comfortable option, but in the words of Beyonce, ‘pretty hurts.’” Mina also mentioned that “I know how to tie both, and they each have their own specific challenges as ties can be tied and adjusted, but [bow ties] must be tied every time they are used. However, it is less of a hassle making sure that the bowtie is the correct length, and the bowtie boasts fewer varieties of knots as opposed to its more traditional counterpart, i.e. Windsor, Kelvin, Pratt, etc.” 

Walking through the halls of BT, not just students are seen wearing the bow ties, but staff as well. Mr. Villacura is a BT staff member who is known for being a large proponent of the bow tie. Mr. Villacura offered some insight into his love for the clothing item. When asked about which one he prefers, Villacura stated, “I love bow ties! They are my favorites indeed. It is in fact my favorite gift. Those who know me, know that I love them. It is not about comfort. It’s about your personality. Ties are common, like another accessory for men. Bow ties are a true representation of who you are. They are more formal and classic. They are more elegant and why not say it… intellectual.” When asked about his opinion on students wearing ties vs bow ties, Villacura noted, “Definitely the bow tie! Way more cool than the regular ties.”

With the sightings of bow ties in the halls, girls too can offer valuable opinions on the style. Senior Chloe Patterson offered some insight into girls’ opinions of the matter. When asked which one looks better on a guy, Patterson noted, “I like bow ties better than ties, they look cuter.” Knowing when to choose a tie vs a bow tie can be a troubling problem. When asked what events are the best, Chloe stated, “I think for more formal events, like weddings or prom or anything like that, ties are the way to go. For homecoming and anything else I think bowties are the move.” Regardless of the occasion, both can be purchased in the school store. The bookstore manager Mrs. Ferrante gave her opinion on the bow ties as well in saying “Personally I love both. With uniforms, there are so few ways to express yourself so I love when either is worn.”

BT students for years have found new ways to express themselves and demonstrate their individuality through their uniforms. Breaking away from the normal, these bow tie-wearing students are showing the school what expression looks like. Whether it be in the classrooms or in the administrative offices, small bits of flare on school attire are seen all over the school. The Titan Times encourages all students to express themselves in their own ways and pay a visit to Mrs. Ferrante in the school store to add some personality to their uniform.