Inaugural Titan Trot


At the end of an all-school assembly on Thursday, October 14, Ms. Lancaster addressed the students and faculty of Blessed Trinity. She reminisced on her years as a teenager going to a public high school and how she implored her father to send her to private school. Unfortunately, as much as her father would have wished to do so, their family did not have enough money for private school.

This is still the case with many families across America, and more specifically, in the Roswell area. So, at the assembly, Ms. Lancaster announced the launching of a new fundraiser: the Titan Trot.

The Titan Trot, which will take place on Tuesday, November 9, is a walk-a-thon style fundraiser that will run through all of BT’s beautiful campus: it begins at the track, runs past the baseball and softball fields, wraps back around past the tennis courts and Junior parking lot, sweeps through the horseshoe and Sophomore lot, then finishes back on the track.

The registration price for the Titan Trot from October 14 to October 18 was $50, and from October 19 to October 21 it was $60. The best thing about it? The fundraiser is all student-driven. BT students contacted family, friends and even Ms. Lancaster herself and asked for them to donate money to the fundraiser on their behalf.

In return for the student’s hard work, some awesome prizes were offered. The top fundraising student wins a $250 VISA gift card, the top fundraising grade wins a food truck for breakfast, and the top fundraising house gets lots of house points.

However, the real prize goes to the students in the Roswell area for whom this fundraiser was created. As stated on the Titan Trot website, the goal of the event is “to provide the opportunity for more students to receive a Catholic education and experience the Titan difference!” This means that students in the same predicament that Mrs. Lancaster experienced will now be able to attend BT, thanks to the money raised by the Titan Trot.

Mrs. Diaz, Assistant Director of Advancement, is one of the three wonderful ladies leading this new fundraiser. She sees the event as “an opportunity to get outside, build community, and make memories for the students, something that the students can support, instead of having to sell something.”

Additionally, Mrs. Diaz hopes that because students have the opportunity to “give back and to give more students the opportunity to experience a Catholic education”, the Titan Trot will be well-received and supported by the community.

So far, her wishes have definitely come true. More than 70% of the students have registered for the event, and nearly 100% of the faculty have done the same. Some students, such as freshman Cameron Murphy, have even gone above and beyond expectations to raise money for this cause.

Cameron has earned the title of the top fundraising student with a whopping $1,800 raised, thanks to both his dedication to the fundraising and the generosity of his family and friends. When asked why he put so much effort into this cause, Cameron humbly replied, “I realized that I am really lucky to be in this school, and I want others to have this education.” Cameron went on to stress how critical having a good education is in setting up a teenager for a successful life.

As previously mentioned, the top fundraising student wins a $250 VISA gift card. Many teenage guys like Cameron would probably spend that money on video games, hoodies, or Takis from the Spirit Zone. But Cameron, showing exactly why he is the top fundraising student, says he plans on taking his mother out on a nice date.

The Titan Trot has already proven to be a giant success for the BT community, and that will be solidified by the turnout of students and faculty on Tuesday. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of the success for the Titan Trot, and Mrs. Diaz’s ultimate goal is achieved: that “when students come back for their 10-year reunion and they talk about it, it is still something that is being done on campus.”