BT Besties: Meredith Gadecki and Marisa Inoa


One of the best ways to reach out and make friends at BT is to participate in extracurricular activities. An example of a set of friends that met through extracurricular activities and strengthened their relationship through this are seniors Meredith Gadecki and Marisa Inoa. 

The first time that Gadecki and Inoa met was freshman year at a Blessed Trinity football game. They got ready before the game together at a friend’s house, and from there, their relationship blossomed. 

Inoa and Gadecki had many mutual friends together, and they kept seeing each other at hangouts. They didn’t become close until sophomore year. They grew closer by attending extracurricular events together and just hanging together outside of school. 

Inoa’s favorite memory when hanging outside of school was, “One time we went to Party City, and we bought wigs and hung out in the wigs. We were wearing our wigs and opened up to each other and became a lot closer. We ate pizza, made Shirley Temples, and just wore our wigs all night. Meredith had a purple wig, and I had a silver.” These fun memories made together outside of school really bonded the two. 

Random and spontaneous activities can sometimes form the best memories. Another fun experience that these two best friends enjoyed together was going to the bowling alley. Inoa stated, “One time we went to the bowling alley, and I killed out the claw machine, and Meredith would tell me where to go. She spent so much money on the claw machine, and we got like 20 different prizes. We do really random things.”

Inside of school, Inoa and Gadecki’s relationship was formed from doing homework in the learning commons together. They have multiple classes together and see each other a lot during the school day. They continue to build their friendship in school. Finally, the friends became best friends when they joined Yearbook. Inoa joined Yearbook because, “Meredith was in Yearbook last year and really liked it, so she encouraged me to join.” 

Not only is Inoa and Gadecki’s friendship noticed by classmates, but teachers have also seen this relationship grow stronger through their extracurricular activities. Mr. O’Connor, head of Yearbook at BT, stated, “Marisa and Meredith enjoy being productive. It’s nice when two friends can model joyful productivity for the rest of the class. It makes a class like yearbook, which can be tedious at times, go more smoothly and feel more rewarding.” Having good friends by your side during extracurriculars makes them more fun, and Gadecki and Inoa enjoy participating in Yearbook together. 

One of the best ways to form a solid friendship is to do things you both enjoy doing. One of these besties’ favorite things to do is enjoy delicious food together. Some of their favorites are Chipotle, Dunkin Donuts, and Crumbl Cookies. Through all of their extracurricular activities and hangouts, Gadecki and Inoa have formed a lifelong friendship. Gadecki says, “We can really count on each other if there is a time when we need the other.”