COVID-19 Things to Do


Although vaccine rollout has begun, there are still many months of social distancing and preventative measures that are not exciting. For many students, there’s this panic about missing out on all the quintessential parts of adolescence: concerts, trips, and other small traditions that will make you laugh when you’re fifty. Many may want to partake in some of these activities, such as attending large gatherings because they are sick and tired of missing out on the fun in life. Yet, everyone has a responsibility to society to social distance and wear masks.

Although it may not seem like a big deal if someone in your immediate family gets it, the spread of Coronavirus is having a disproportionate effect on lower-income families, and you may inadvertently spread it to someone without any clue of the effects. That being said, the first thing that is important to do is finding outlets to let out sadness. For some people, painting is helpful. Some people journal or listen to music. It is totally valid to be frustrated and angry, but there are ways to still find joy right now. You can still spend time with friends, although during the cold winter months some outdoor socially distanced activities may be off-limits. During the summer, you can have painting parties or picnics outdoors.

According to Michelle Harris, there are many fun activities that you can do, “ride your bike. Do yoga. Paint pictures, and try to find some fun even in boring activities. There are so many fun outdoor activities, such as hiking, which take you outside of your house and outside of your head.” Another senior, Tara Reilly, said that she “enjoys watching movies on Netflix party. There are fun ways that you can interact, and my friends and I are trying to get through this list of 100 of the most famous movies of all time.”

If you like more intellectual pastimes, look no further than Margaret Hart, who has ideas like “holding online trivia nights. Although they don’t seem like a ton of fun, the games are really interesting, and you can find questions on all topics like ‘teen television shows,’ ‘80s rock,’ and more. It also allows you to go turn by turn and add some organization to Zoom calls, which can become a little hectic for sure.” Another interesting activity for any audiophiles is to organize an album listening party where you pick an album and play it straight through, pausing in between songs. You can rank them, discuss your opinions, and form theories. 

You can be sad and angry that life is moving by and we seem to be stuck in this endless period of uncertainty. That is okay. It is valid. Yet it is also important to find ways to enjoy life safely. As Catholics, we must remember that in times of struggle, sacrifice is key.