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Whos Hiring?

Who’s Hiring?

October 21, 2021

Sometimes looking for a job is hard. It’s even harder during the school year when there seem to be too many tight deadlines and an abundance of work to do. However, a weekend job could help balance your school and your work ethic. Going online and finding places that are hiring and have the right amount of pay is a lot of work. Luckily, we already did the hard work for you. Blessed Trinity students give us the inside scoop on jobs available at local businesses.

Justin Schmitt is a student at BT who has been working at Chipotle for almost 6 months. “It’s a lot of fun. The managers are nice, and you get benefits like free food.” Schmitt is very happy about his job experience in the few months he has worked there. “The environment is what makes the job great; all the managers are really easy to relate to, and all the people are so nice. Everyone is just friends, and it feels like a family.” The Chipotle community is always happy to invite new people into the working community. Schmitt even mentions that the business is very understanding and treats its workers well. When asking Schmitt about the skills and attributes of a new employee he says “Someone who can listen and take orders with a smile and has a good personality” is what the company is looking for. Customer relations is also important to learn when handling business matters, like an angry customer or even a flustered employee. If you think that Chipotle is where you would like to work, then you can apply online and reference Justin Schmitt. 

Lily Brodnax works at Uptown Cheapskate in Roswell. She has been working there for almost 5 months. “I like it a lot; the people are really nice.” Brodnax talks about how Uptown Cheapskate is flexible with high school schedules and is very understanding with hours. “The super flexible schedule is one of my favorite things.” Brodnax also talks about how the company treats its employees well. Brodnax noted that the qualities they look for in a new employee are good social skills and a great work ethic. “I have learned to be more open toward people and have learned good social skills interacting with anyone and being able to respond to any situation.” When asked about how to apply, Brodnax said that “you can either call on the phone and talk to a manager, or you can apply online onto the website. You can also come in person and fill out an application on the counter where you checkout.”

Both Brodnax and Schmitt were able to find their jobs easily; however, if you are having trouble finding something, the best thing to do is head over to the counselor’s office and have a talk with Mr. Hartwell. Mr. Hartwell has provided a list of jobs in the guidance room looking for people to hire. “Chick-fil-a has reached out to us about hiring. The Goddard School has reached out numerous times, and multiple restaurants.” There are many places looking for students in need of a job. “We get a lot of interest in jobs right at the end of the school year, even right now.” Students can easily find a job if they go to the guidance office in the math hallway.   Additionally, you can always email your counselor about the job offers and what might interest you. 

As the school year gets into full swing and the pandemic slows, more jobs are becoming available. If you are looking for a job, then visit the bulletin board, research online or talk to friends and family in the community. Blessed Trinity offers resources and gateways into jobs in our local community.

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