Summer Stories


As the Blessed Trinity community settles down once again for the start of a new school year, it is unavoidable to reminisce about the incredible summer our school community experienced. The 2020-2021 school year had come with many challenges, but summer rewarded our school community with the perfect opportunity to have a chance to relax and enjoy life outside of school. It is safe to say that this summer faced an anticipation like never before. I know I personally could not wait for my time off and greatly appreciated our teachers efforts to reduce summer work for the purpose of allowing us to truly destress. 

One of the unique ways in which current and incoming students could share their unique experiences and  travels with the rest of the school community was through a new initiative called “#WhereAreWeWednesdays”. The hashtag was initiated by the Blessed Trinity social media Instagram page in hopes of creating a tool to help keep engaging our school community during our time off. 

Students actively participated and shared pictures from unique travel experiences to summer camps. Here are a few of the Blessed Trinity summer highlights.

Seniors Danielle & Lucas, as well as several other BT students, spent a week outside of Nashville on a mission trip with St Ann’s Catholic Church and Catholic Heart Work Camp. They worked at a local non-profit farm that donates all of their food to people with cancer.

Mary, Matthew, Abby, and Bella, all incoming Class of 2025, participated in the Odyssey of the Mind world competition in Orlando. They tied for 1st place creating a tower that could hold 825lbs while weighing only 15 grams!!

Junior Kathryn McCabe took the opportunity to take a mother-daughter trip to Iceland. She claims the trip to be one of her most unique experiences. “I did different things every day and explored nature from around 8 A.M to 1 A.M because the sun didn’t set until then,” explained McCabe when asked about her trip. “I definitely recommend the place to anyone interested. It is one of the coolest places I have been to.”

As the new school year starts back up again, we can’t wait to see what adventures this year will hold!