A Day in the Life of A Dancer: Lindsey Perry


Lindsey Perry poses, displaying both her strength and grace.

BT is home to a wide variety of fine arts programs. The dance program at Blessed Trinity has established itself as a prominent discipline in the Fine Arts Department. The dancers worked especially hard to prepare and perfect their skills for the recent Fall Arts Show. Lindsey Perry, a senior in Dance Company and a member of the Varsity Dance Team, is one of these individuals.

Perry outlines how she prepares for a performance or competition, saying, “I attend all daily rehearsals, review all my dance routines at home, and get plenty of rest.” Perry’s additional preparation for the performance illustrates her passion for the art, but all of the extra work in preparing for the show is worth it for Perry’s experience on stage. Perry describes how she loses track of time while dancing. “I am completely present in the moment, and it feels like I am the only person in the room. I am able to be my most authentic self and express my thoughts and feelings through movement.” 

Dance is a huge part of Perry’s life, especially here at BT. After a long stressful day of academics, Perry enjoys being able to “express [her] creativity in a supportive environment.” Perry, like many others, has made many friends and connections through her activity.  She shares, “I love that I am able to explore my artistry while also making personal connections with my peers as well as my instructors.” 

It is difficult to be a varsity athlete in any activity. Many athletes struggle with finding time to manage schooling, athletics, and social life. Each sport has a unique challenge that many people struggle to overcome. When asked how she stays focused on dancing despite all of her other obstacles, Perry says she reminds herself of how she feels when she dances. “The hardships I face are outweighed by my love for dance. I often create goals that motivate me to keep going even when it is difficult. I continue to show up and do my best despite how I am feeling physically or emotionally.” Creating stability with all of these outside factors can be difficult, but Perry has found her outlet to express herself. 

Dance at Blessed Trinity will always have a special place in Perry’s heart despite where life takes her.  She is looking forward to the rest of her senior year and cannot wait to perform on stage for one final year with all her friends. Best wishes to all the dancers as the year goes on and they reach their goals. Go Titans!