The 2021-2022 Blessed Trinitones


With every new school year comes new opportunities, and students with a love for music were given the opportunity to audition for BT’s acapella group, the Trinitones. Members of this acapella group are challenged to perform a variety of songs with only one instrument: their voices. After auditioning in September, new and returning singers have been practicing relentlessly to perfect their renditions of popular songs such as “Someone Like You” by Adele and “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse. The director of the Trinitones, chorus teacher Mr. Gus Godbee, is excited by the “new opportunities, talent, and enthusiasm” that new members have been bringing to the Trinitiones. 

The Trinitones are a selected group of BT’s most talented vocalists. While every student selected to join the Trinitones is an experienced singer, new Trintione Ella Boyd, a junior, admitted that she “thought [Trinitones] would be a little bit easier than it is.” Unusual vocals combined with the need for everyone’s timing to together definitely produce a challenge, but it’s nothing the performers cannot handle. 

While working hard, students also enjoy the opportunity to form friendships with people they might not otherwise have met. Olivia Smith, a new senior, says that her favorite part of Trinitiones so far has been “hanging out and getting to know everyone in the group.” Students in the acapella group are united by their love of music. But before becoming a Trinitione, they had to be familiar with the choral performance and have the ability to read sheet music. Junior Maeve Doyle was excited to be able to join the Trinitones because she saw it as “the perfect opportunity to grow musically.” Godbee challenges the Trinitiones to expand on their current musical abilities while still having fun and putting on impressive performances.

Blessed Trinity students enjoy hearing the Trinitones sing at their shows, sporting events, and pep rallies. A favorite tradition among BT students is our annual Christmas pep rally, where the Trinitiones perform their beloved parody of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” As a first-year member of the Trinitones, Doyle mentioned that she was “excited for the Christmas season” where the acapella group has the chance to spread joy and holiday spirit to the BT community. 

Opportunities to take part in fun performances and make new, long-lasting friendships presented to new Trinitones are fun and exciting, but members of this group also have a good work ethic that allows them to create such impressive performances. “I am always impressed by the work ethic and willingness to try new things,” remarked Godbee about new members of the Trinitones. He also explained that “Everyone who is new was chosen for a reason: vocal type, talent, or their potential to surpass expectations.”

These new singers are sure to help the acapella group reach new heights through their talent and hard work, and the BT community cannot wait to see them grow throughout their performances this year.