Faith- Not Just A New Years Resolution

How we can grow closer to God in the upcoming year without falling short at the end.

Faith- Not Just A New Years Resolution

It’s 2021! A year we have all been counting down the days, weeks, minutes, and possibly even seconds towards. A new year filled with the hope of a pandemic free world and a new presidency. And with this new year comes our own New Year’s Resolutions.

Most of us have already begun those resolutions, whether it’s hitting the gym more, spending more time on our academics, or just finding pockets of peace in this hectic era. But the one resolution that doesn’t have to just begin on New Year’s day is our promise of faith.

As dedicated Christians, we strive to fulfill our Christian obligations to the faith, and every year we attempt to fulfill those promises, but unfortunately fall short. However, this year will be different. 2021 will be the year of change, hope, and prosperity, and this time around we will keep to the promises of our faith.  

According to American Psychological Association, the first step to keeping our New Year’s resolution is to “start with something small.” This can be taking a mere five minutes out of your evening to read the story of Joseph’s dreams or the faithful steward that has descendants as numerous as the stars. This small act of reading the bible provides examples of biblical figures who also sometimes had struggles with their own “resolutions” were able to overcome any obstacles. 

Another step you could take is to claim responsibility for your past. We all have had our fair share of failed resolutions, but it is the act of taking responsibility that really matters. The acclaimed Christian website, City On a Hill, says that we should “ Forgive and Ask to be forgiven” while understanding that “ You can’t but God can.” It is easy to fall prey to the belief that once we mess up God will judge us even harder, so why even continue our resolution, but we must understand the forgiving nature of this divine being. His love for us never changes, and atoning for the resolutions that we have failed will guide us in following the ones we create now. By trusting the belief that “You can’t but God can,” keeping to our resolutions becomes a bit less hard. 

And of course, the one thing that helps the most is simply communication. The one way we can hold ourselves accountable is if we communicate with others. A simple text from a friend, or constant reminders from a parent, make us stick to the promise. City on A Hill, says that we must be “connected to God and others.” “It’s wise to include God and a few close friends in deciding what New Year’s Resolutions you need to make. It’s also necessary to involve God and a few close friends in keeping those resolutions. And Maybe, by communicating with others, you can help them make their own resolutions. 

2021 is a year of new beginnings. A year where we can remember the trials of 2020 but also embrace the triumphs. We as Christians have a duty to uphold within our Catholic faith and by following these easy steps, our resolutions can surely be upheld.