What’s Cooking at Blessed Trinity?


Students come together to make delicious treats.

With so many clubs and organizations offered at Blessed Trinity, it can be hard to decide which ones to dive into. Two new clubs in particular have built up quite a reputation this year, the Culinary Club and the Baking Club. These clubs are food-based and a lot of fun. Even though they sound similar, they are quite unique. 

The culinary club is a great learning experience for all students. “Culinary Club is literally us cooking in the cafeteria just for fun and to eat” said Mrs. Podojil, club moderator. In the past, the Culinary Club has made croutons out of bagels, homemade pasta and chocolate molten cakes. Podojil added that “Culinary Club should be stuff you haven’t made before,” and all ideas are welcome. She hopes that the club will make items such as sushi in the future. 

The club is completely hands-on, as students are making the food themselves. Not only is it enjoyable, but it is a teaching opportunity as students learn first-hand how to make these foods. Plus, after all their hard work, the students get to eat what they made! Besides making fun foods and getting to eat them, the Culinary Club teaches students how to work together in large groups, which is an essential life skill. 

The second food-based club that Blessed Trinity offers is also a club of service, the Baking Club. The Baking Club is also moderated by Mrs. Podojil, and she works closely with two student leaders, Maria Keneally and Anamaria Sugg. Podojil stated that “the Baking Club was started by two girls, Maria and Anamaria, and their goal is to bake gifts and donate to the Drake House.” The Drake House is an emergency and transitional program that houses and supports homeless single mothers and their children. “We make different baked goods each time, usually for holidays, to donate to the Drake House,” Keneally said. Sugg added, “We give them to hopefully boost peoples’ spirits and bring them joy around the holidays.” 

In the past, the Baking Club has made chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. Most recently, the club made cookies and decorated them with a Thanksgiving theme before donating them. Keneally also said that students “can get one service hour for participating.” The meetings take place in the cafeteria and are done in less than thirty minutes. The goal of the club is to bake something fresh and deliver it the same day. Even though the club’s projects take so little time to complete, they have a big impact on the lives of those at the Drake House. This club meets on a monthly basis in the cafeteria to work on making these baked goods to donate. 

The Culinary Club and Baking Club are extremely enjoyable clubs that students absolutely love. One gives students the opportunity to learn how to make food, while the other gives the students the chance to help the community through food. Everyone is welcome to join these clubs and can email Mrs. Podojil for details or to join the Google Classroom with the code e43kpbh