Blessed Trinity’s New Look


The Titan Cafe was refreshed during the summer of 2022.

The repaved parking lots provide a smooth ride in for the students coming to BT in the morning. The cafeteria, emblazoned with the Blessed Trinity logo and life-sized Titan decals on the walls, provide students with a spirited environment as they gather there in the morning and to eat lunch. Students may not have noticed these changes to the new and improved Blessed Trinity, especially the freshmen who weren’t here last year, but these new changes provide a fresh new look for our school and are something that you don’t want to miss out on knowing about.

The repaved parking lots and the newly remodeled cafeteria aren’t the only things that have changed. Over the years, the classrooms in the 400 hallway have slowly started to be remodeled, for a total of eight remodeled classrooms for the 2022-23 school year. They have been remodeled this past summer to include carpeting, a fresh coat of paint, new smartboards, and a new favorite for teachers and students alike – the fish-shaped desks.

Ms. Ammons, a World Literature Honors teacher, is definitely a fan of this new furniture. “The goldfish desks let us be more flexible with what we do in class, and they let us adapt to different staples of learning. For quizzes, the students are able to all face forward, and if they are collaborating in groups or interacting with different aspects of a topic, they can arrange the desks into pods,” she explains.

Another new thing at Blessed Trinity this year are the house banners in the front lobby, along with a new coat of paint that highlights the house banners. Each has been updated to include the house name, slogan, and characteristics of the houses, elaborating on the house system here at BT.

The floors in the fine arts hallway and cafeteria have been redone from tile to a smooth, gray vinyl floor that doesn’t squeak under shoes.

More recent updates include some updated security cameras, ensuring a safe environment for learning, along with the newly hired security guard, Mr. Mike Strickland.

Around campus, the athletics areas have been given a new look. The Field House has received updates including new paint and signage showing Titan pride. The Auxiliary Gym has also been updated with graphics, making decals the most popular addition at BT this year.

The cafeteria received the most updates overall, from the fresh coat of gray paint on the walls, the Titan sticker decals, the new circular tables, to the new gray floors. The round tables seem to be a favorite among the students in particular. Everyone can see each other at the round tables more so than the rectangular ones because of the circular shape, allowing students to easily chat with their friends. Sophomore Alba Zaccagnino says, “I love sitting at the round tables and being able to see all of my friends’ faces more easily.”

These continual improvements maintain the school’s reputation for being one of the best Catholic schools in the archdiocese and are made possible through contributions to the Trinity Fund at BT. Taking care of the physical property shows that the school cares about the students and the environment in which students are learning. The learning commons, for example, is a great place to spend a quiet study session after school with the fun couches and separate little study rooms. Also, make sure to stay tuned for some more updates, as there are new graphics coming to both the lobby and the field house.