The Shoe Dilema: Which Shoe Do You Choose?


Wearing a school uniform may not give students many options to style their outfits, however, they do get a choice of shoes to wear! The question is, what type of shoe does the student body prefer? 

While getting the chance to interview fashionista and English teacher Mrs. Reger, we found out her personal opinion on which shoes she prefers. Mrs. Reger responded quickly to the point with, “I have seen more students wearing the Sperry’s instead of the saddle shoes.” This was a necessary question since the answer tends to vary on the opinion of other students. We then proceeded to ask if she was a student, which shoe would she choose, Her response was, “I love shoes and I think they ultimately make the outfit, I like the comfort level of the Sperry’s, but the look of the saddle looks more classy and matches the style of the uniform because they are more crisp and clean.” The guess is that most students who wear saddle shoes probably share a similar opinion with Mrs. Reger as well.

Lastly, the final anticipated question was which shoe she believed made the school uniform look better. This is open for anyone to decide which they prefer, however, Mrs. Reger’s response was, “For me, the saddle shoe is very nostalgic with the 1950’s style, it was my favorite Halloween costume growing up. They look a little more formal with the uniform.” Her response brings nostalgia with her personal view of the saddle shoes, and it was very cool getting a teacher’s opinion on our school’s choice of shoes!

After hearing a nice refreshing viewpoint from a teacher, it’s important to see the thoughts and opinions of the students who are wearing the shoes themselves. Sarah Stewart, a junior here at Blessed Trinity, has worn Sperry’s since her freshman year. When asked what made her choose this style of shoe, she eagerly responded saying that “I chose Sperry’s because when I was researching the shoes they looked so much more comfortable than the saddles.”

It’s interesting to see how students took into consideration the comfort level while choosing which shoe to wear rather than base it on the style and looks of the shoes. This is always an important factor to consider when knowing that one will be walking to and from classes throughout a seven-hour school day. Seeing how Stewart based her choice of shoe mainly off of comfort, she confirmed this by enthusiastically giving the Sperry’s a ten out of ten rating, adding that “they don’t hurt her feet at all.”

It’s important that the student body stays comfortable throughout the long and tiring school day and shoes are an important part of that essential need. Stewart ended her interview with a positive word about the Sperry’s when she mentioned that her favorite thing about them is how they can easily be slipped on and off. Stewart says that she doesn’t “have to worry about untying them. I just slip them on my feet”. 

In contrast, we student interviewed senior Morgan Cellilli, who has worn the saddle shoes since her sophomore year. Her reason for switching over to the saddle shoes was interesting. When asked what made her choose to wear these shoes over the Sperry’s she responded with a story about how she “had Sperry’s freshman year, however [she] didn’t like how they looked.”

Much like Reger, Cellilli too thinks that the saddle shoes look better with the school uniform. During her sophomore year, she decided to “hop on the trend” of wearing saddle shoes, hoping that her improved style would also bring improved comfort. On an average day of walking throughout the school and to her different classes, Cellilli says that her comfort level is about seven.

It’s fantastic to hear how both Sperry and Saddle Oxford wearers have comfort through their school days. When asked if Cellili gets annoyed at having to tie her shoes every day rather than slipping them on, she simply responded saying it has not really ever crossed her mind because she “never unties them!”  

So there you have it. The different viewpoints on the two most popular shoes for girls. Both the saddle shoes and the Sperry’s have their perks, attracting students for different reasons. Which shoe do you prefer?