The College Essay- Not as Scary as It Seems


As college application season is quickly approaching, seniors are scrambling to perfect their college essays. These essays are an extremely important part of college applications because they allow the college admissions counselors to gain a greater insight into who each senior is as a person. They provide more information than one’s grades and teacher’s letters of recommendation because they are actual personal words from each applicant. 

Each essay should be a quick look into the student’s personality as well as a well-written, grammatically correct essay. Most students will begin writing their college essays in English class during senior year, but it is helpful to have many eyes proofread and critique their work. Mrs. Yates is here to help. 

Mrs. Yates has been editing college essays for nine years and is so happy to help anyone who needs it! Commenting on what students should expect when receiving college essay help, Mrs. Yates said, “My goal is to help the student create an essay that is both unforgettable and unique. Our students have so many incredible abilities and talents. My role is just to assist them in organizing their thoughts so that they can best showcase their individuality.” 

Writing an essay about oneself seems easier than writing a research paper or book report, but when it comes down to putting words on paper, it is often difficult to dream up a topic that effectively represents who you are in only about 600 words. Mrs. Yates recommends to just be yourself. “Essays should be original and about something that has made an impact on a student’s life. Colleges are not looking for big, fancy words – they just want to hear the real you!” 

The topic chosen could be anything. One of Mrs. Yates’ favorite essays that she read was about the 17 steps in a student’s home. The student discussed how she grew up on the steps and the memories she made on them, finishing with walking down them a final time for graduation. This essay was very unique and personal, making it very unforgettable for the college readers. This should be everyone’s goal when writing their college essay- to make it unforgettable, and Mrs. Yates is here to help everyone reach that goal. 

When talking to some students about how helpful Mrs. Yates has been throughout their time at Blessed Trinity, nothing but good has been said. Allie Balberde, a senior, has said that Mrs. Yates “has made [her] feel like a confident writer.” 

When asked about whether she would get college essay help from Mrs. Yates, senior Brooke Cellilli said, “I definitely will be getting help from Mrs. Yates. I have gotten to know her as my family mentor and she really cares about her students succeeding during and after high school.” 

After receiving college essay help from Mrs. Yates, senior Baylor Wroblewski stated how crucial Mrs. Yates was in the process: “She was able to have her full attention on my essay instead of having to help multiple students at one time. She was able to take the time to read my essay multiple times and pinpoint the areas that needed extra attention.”

Mrs. Yates makes the college essay seem less frightening and dreadful. She is very open and passionate about aiding every student while they take these important steps toward the next chapter in their lives. Students can either email her to set up an appointment or just share their essays with her. So seniors, when you are writing your college essays and want a little help or just another set of eyes to proofread, Mrs. Yates is a great resource to use.