The Comeback of the Crewneck


(R-L) Gaby Strong, Javier Mina, and Isabella Abdo don their crewneck sweatshirts.

For all those in search of a new way to spruce up your uniform, look no further than the BT crewneck. The crew neck has been seen hanging on the walls of BT’s Spirit Zone for years, but you may have noticed the green sweater being worn far more frequently in recent months.

What has made the crewneck gain such popularity in recent months? The Titan Times interviewed Elizabeth Freeman and Gaby Strong, two juniors participating in the newest trend to hit the halls, along with Mrs. Ferrante, The Titan Spirit Zone’s uniform expert. 

Many have found that wearing the crewnecks, and most of the outerwear options in the school store, is an easy way to differentiate yourself, possibly making a fashion statement, despite having to wear a uniform every day. Considering the ever-frigid temperatures that seem to blanket some classrooms in the school, outerwear, in general, is worn by the majority of the school’s student body no matter the style. If you’ve grown tired of the fleece and want to switch it up a bit, or maybe you enjoy some variety, the crewneck is definitely something worth investing in.

“The sweaters (crewneck, v-neck, and vest) have been a part of the uniform since the beginning of the school in 2000,” says  Ferrante. “The popularity of the sweaters go in waves. This year the crewneck sweater has made a huge comeback amongst the junior girls.” 

For Freeman, the purchase was more of a random decision rather than an intent to start a trend, “I got the crewneck because my fleece zipper was broken, and I just wanted to switch it up.” 

Many students believe the fleeces are sometimes not enough to keep warm in certain classrooms, and Freeman agrees saying, “I personally think the crewneck is more comfortable and warmer than the fleece, and it’s always cold at school, so it is nice to have.” 

Meanwhile, Strong says she likes to wear the crewneck because “it’s very comfortable, less baggy, and cuter than the fleece.” The crewnecks are also a way to still stay warm without having to worry about carrying a heavy fleece around all day if you get too hot. Gaby added, “ it would be cool if we had a zip-up jacket or a formal blazer for days like Mass.”

Moreover, Freeman admitted, “I also think it’s fun to wear something a little different than the normal uniform every day.”

Having to wear uniforms can be seen as a burden to some, but there are also upsides. Whether it be not having to think about what you’re going to wear the next day, or allowing you to focus more on school than your outfit. Uniforms can be good, and what better way to shift your perspective than a new addition to the wardrobe? 

Ferrante revealed, “I know teens love to show their personalities through the clothes they wear. Although minor, having multiple choices for outerwear helps them express their own style.” 

Individuality and distinctiveness can certainly be achieved through a simple action like switching your uniform up by wearing a crewneck. Ferrante similarly acknowledges the desire for teens to express themselves through clothing, saying, “The Titan Spirit Zone provides six different styles of layering pieces and outerwear for that very reason”. 

Evidently, ways to stand out in a uniform may not be so hard to come by after all.

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