The Winning Dish: What’s #1 at Lunch?


Everyone has their go-to lunch in mind when they’re dashing down the hall to beat the lunchtime rush. Luckily for everybody, Blessed Trinity has tasty dishes that appeal to every person. The real question is what is everyone’s favorite dish?

Out of everyone here at BT, no one has had more time to develop their thoughts and opinions than the senior class of 2022. Over the course of four years, what meals have become their favorite to grab in the lunch line? Senior CJ Van Zant says that over the past four years, his go-to meal has been the classic chicken tenders and fries. As everyone knows, the line in the cafeteria can sometimes be very long with everyone waiting to purchase a fresh meal. When asked what meal he is most willing to wait in line for, Van Zant simply replied, “the days they bring pizza.” After a delicious meal made by the tremendous Sage team, Van Zant always has to have dessert. He says that his favorite thing to purchase on top of a good meal are the cookies saying, “the Sage cookies are the best, especially [when they are] warm.” Van Zant was eager to give his input on the multitude of meals offered at lunch. BT offers different styles of fries at lunch such as curly and regular. When asked about his favorite style, Van Zant said, “The best fries are the curly ones with the seasoning on them.” Van Zant appreciates the variety of food that is offered daily and enjoys the fresh-cut fruit that is available. Due to the pandemic, many of the lunch line opportunities had to be taken away due to safety precautions. Van Zant leaves off by saying that, “It’s nice to have fountain drinks.” I think that all the students can agree that it is nice to have back many of these lunch line options back this school year such as fountain drinks. 

Some might wonder about which meal is most appealing to the students. While interviewing the line ladies, who have the pleasure of seeing all the students choose what to eat, it was nice seeing what they noticed during lunch hours. When asked which meal was most popular, our fabulous lunch line ladies, Argelia Alvarenga, Ilsa Jimenez, Carmen Zamora, Fredy Montoya, Nereyda Garcia, and Maria Banuelos, agreed “Chicken Tenders and fries are the most bought.” It is very interesting seeing how many chicken tender lovers there are. Now when asked which meal is the hardest to cook, the ladies replied with “Nachos, along with all other Mexican foods due to the mass number of ingredients needed.” This explains why the Mexican food at Blessed Trinity is so yummy and well-received. The ladies were also asked about their favorite meal to make. They replied in unison, “The favorite meal would have to be breakfast.” All these yummy foods attract all different people’s taste buds. Hearing the thoughts of the ladies who see students in the mornings and lunchtime is super entertaining since it shows how different everyone’s preferences can be when it comes down to food.

From the person who cooks it all, Mr. Macintosh gives a fresh point of view from what he sees the students get the most. When asked what he’s seen the students get most, he replied, “Chicken tenders of course… if they don’t like the main entre they go for the chicken tenders.” Macintosh works hard in the kitchen to prepare the main meals each day. When asked which meal days are most popular he replied, “They love the nachos, you know that… taco salad, anything Mexican or Asian, orange chicken, General Tso’s chicken, enchiladas, taco salads… Chicken parmesan.” He also noted that the buffalo chicken subs are a popular meal among the students. He noted that, “[The students have] been buying all the desserts this year, chocolate cake, carrot cake, big cookies. I can’t make enough of them. The little cookies are the same, but they want the big giant warm cookies.” Finally, Macintosh said that his personal favorite meal is the orange chicken saying that it is simply the best.

It is clear to see that the Sage team offers a variety of tasty meals for the students and faculty to enjoy. Overall, it can be seen that there are many chicken tender lovers in the Blessed Trinity family. It’s interesting to see everyone’s personal favorite meals and what seems to be the overall favorite.