Why We Love Mrs. Lancaster

Why We Love Mrs. Lancaster

Since 2014, we have had the privilege of knowing and loving Ms. Lancaster. She came to us after 27 years at Rockdale County High School and 1 year at Milton High School. She started as an 11th and 12th-grade assistant principal at BT, later becoming our principal. Ms. Lancaster has led BT ever since. She has become one of the most beloved faculty members at BT, but why do we love her so much?

Ms. Lancaster is held in high regard amongst her faculty and staff. “She is a really good leader and has always been super supportive of her teachers as well as all of her students. She is always looking out for their best interests, and she is fun and energetic all the time,” says Mr. Oshinski, a history teacher. Ms. Lancaster plays a large role in making Blessed Trinity a light-hearted, welcoming place, as Mrs. Whitworth mentions when she says, “She always has a positive attitude and brings that energy throughout the school, and it just makes it so exciting to come to work every day.” Ms. Lancaster is an excellent example of a kind, caring and faithful person who exhibits the love of Jesus through her words and actions. “She is a champion for the teachers; she is always here to help us and encourage us and support us in everything we do,” says Mrs. DeCamp. It is impossible to be unhappy or uncomfortable around Ms. Lancaster because she works so hard to make everybody feel at home here at Blessed Trinity. With her welcoming Southern accent, Ms. Lancaster brings a smile to our faces and warms our hearts each and every day.

Ms. Lancaster really cares about each and every one of the students at BT. She has said, “The students are the heartbeat of our school. All 980 have different personalities and gifts, and it is so much fun to watch them grow into young adults pursuing their passions.” Ms. Lancaster really connects with the students on a personal level and wants us to succeed. 

We BT students love her just as much. Nick Ferrante, a junior, said that “[Ms. Lancaster’s] personality is ecstatic and enticing.” Ms. Lancaster is always so bubbly and welcoming whenever you see her. Even just passing Ms. Lancaster in the hallway brightens each student’s day. Sarah Garrot, another junior, said, “She always says good morning to me, and it’s a great start to my day.” Ellie Correa, a sophomore, said, “You can tell she really cares for the school community and people’s opinions.”

Ms. Lancaster has played a huge role in our BT school community, and she loves to get involved in all of our activities. She especially enjoys all-school Masses where we can gather as a BT community in faith. She loves watching all of the BT sports, and cheers on the Titans in each pep rally and assembly. Each school dance holds a special place in her heart, and she really loves getting to see all of the students having fun. Ms. Lancaster is so involved in each and every person at BT, and we love her for it!